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Imaginary Machines Contest - WINNERS ANNOUNCED!

For this contest, Composers' Forum members were asked to submit an entry of no more than 3 minutes duration on the theme of "Imaginary Machines." Please listen to the entries below and vote at the link here:

Deadline to vote is 07/18/19 at 5 pm EST.

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Wow! I am beyond flattered and a bit shocked...! Particularly those comments. I have never won anything before in my life (not that I've ever competed either) so I don't even know what to say except thank you all for your very encouraging feedback!

I'm sorry for the lack of legibility of the score, but it was huge and there was no other way of fitting it on the page. I had to compose it with my monitor on portrait mode, so if you do that you'll be able to read it clearer.

Congratulations to everybody else that competed, I really enjoyed listening to the varied approaches and diverse talent! I'm also very happy that the one I voted got at least second place!

Thanks to all who listened and voted. I appreciate the comments and look forwards to preparing and presenting more works for this wonderful group of creative souls. Peace


I know it is a bit with a delay now - and perhaps too much to (selfishly) ask: would anybody be kind enough to give me a little more feedback on my piece (best by personal message)? I am, which will be apparent, no pro, so, have lots more to learn, but would be interested in any comments, good or bad, on how the Dream Machine could potentially have been improved.

Just as additional info, which may or may not have helped in the description for the competition:

I used a number of references from classic composers, so, J.S Bach's "Come, o death, brother of sleep" (first part of the Choral in bars 36-41, shared between first violin and Viola, and, the second part of the choral, modified, in the first violin in bars 9-17).

The part from bars 25-35 is a mix of J. Brahm's "Lullaby", which I smashed into small chunks and completely re-constructed altogether.

The other slow passages of the piece have taken inspiration from Shostakovich's first string quartet.

The aim was, overall, to link everything to sleep, dreams and nightmares.

Perhaps this approach was too complicated, unintuitive, bizarre, theoretical and (auditorily) unattractive - even though I still quite like it. I hope it also remained original enough, despite the mulitple quotes.

Thank you for any comments, which will support further development and learning!

FYI Tillerich, it's ok to post it separate from here - 


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