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I'm not actually looking for critiques, but I always welcome reactions, good or bad.

I haven't been on the forum in ages, but I thought it might be fun to share a little work I wrote called Iceland. It's a piano piece that comes in two forms: as a standard audio track (sorry, it's a computer performance--I don't yet have a live recording) and a video. The video consists of gallery-quality images I took while in Iceland (they are gallery-quality in that a local gallery has given me a standing offer for a show).

The piece is a mix of minimalist and romantic styles.

Both can be accessed at The video is best viewed full-screen and at 1080p (highest resolution), if you care about the quality of the images.

The downside to the video, of course, is that people will probably think of the images as primary and the music as background. The problem goes away in a live performance, of course--the music was always intended to stand alone; the images were added only after the music was finished. I think it does make it more engaging for people who might not otherwise bother to listen to the piece.

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Very well done Antonio, I enjoyed the music and the beautiful pictures work well with it.  Your idea of mixing minimalist and romantic styles is interesting.  I thought that some of your opening themes were good enough to develop and reuse as the piece went on.  The change of pace at 3:35  was a nice contrast but the material that followed was not as appealing to me as your earlier themes which I thought would have worked well in recapitulation.

Good work!

Thanks, Ingo, for your detailed comments on the piece. Much appreciated.

I particularly like the fast theme which starts at around 4mins40secs .... and, in general, the quite stark minimalist themes which complement your lovely photos..... thanks for sharing.

Thank you, Henry,

This is, I think, one of the few (only?) themes that I remember creating while actually in Iceland. Actually, it felt more like something I was given than something I created. It insisted on being included in the piece even though, for a long time, I was unable to fit it in with what I already had.

I even remember where I was when the theme came to me. The photo at 1:34 (valley of grass with snow covered mountains in the back) depicts the area, even though I wound up using a bird motif for the accompanying photos, The place was magical.

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