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...yet. Inspired by the discussion about absolute music and program music and vocal music and instrumental music, I thought I'd post this newly written song of mine. I will reveal everything about it, but later. Anyone is welcome to say what they want about it, without any lyrics or any program. Could it work as absolute music? The lyrics are in Finnish, so I bet no one gets them. The music itself might be pure absolute music, or could it?

You could also try to guess which came first. Piano part, the vocal melody, the lyrics...

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I'm going to guess the lyrics came first, then the vocal melody, then the piano. Probably I'm wrong, but, regardless of that, it's a very beautiful piece; to my ears a little mournful, but also comforting, almost like a lullaby. And, yeah, being in Finnish, which I don't understand a word of, but which certainly sounds very lovely here, I won't be too surprised if I find out the lyrics are totally incongruent to the music.  

Hi Johan, to my ear/sense the lyrics were written to accompany the music.

As long as the vocal was converted to another instrument, I think it could

absolutely hold it's own ( I'm not quite sure what you mean by pure absolute

music.)  For all I know she could be reciting the recipe for Mykyrokka :-)  RS

By pure absolute music I only meant that the musical expression in the melodies and rhytms would be completely unattached to any meaning in the lyrics or the name of the song.

In this song I'm very satisfied with the lyrics and how they musically fit with the music. The lyricist has managed to avoid some ugly vowel sounds and diphtonges. Until the word "ympäröi". I guess if the lyricist would only write phonetically pleasant syllables (yet meaningful text), it would be too obvious for someone, who understands the language.

Paul Smith said:

I'm going to guess the lyrics came first, then the vocal melody, then the piano.

You got it right. The lyrics are written years ago. I wrote the melody to the lyrics completely without structuring any harmony or accompaniment at the same time. Though it's hard to not hear any "candidate" chords with your inner ear, while you create melodies with your inner ear.

When the melody was done, I started to create the piano part, which became very independant. I even changed a few notes in the vocal melody at that point.

Free translation:

large and slowly descending

Going to the Christmas church
(yet a little bit sleepy)

And everything surrounded by a lovely silence,
peace, almost touchable

There's only a vague tonal idea with A major being the tonic key and E major maybe the dominant. The rest is more of free tonality, dual tonality, whole tone etc. Since the text was very impressionistic, I tried this impressionistic approach on the music, too. And for me, the impressionistic approach in composing is very much about this kind of "aimless" use of chords and melodies that I only losely try to fit.

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