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I have never tried this kind of music before.
I would be grateful if you go through this and let me know how it did.
It's on it's final stages for being added to a short film.

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Thanks Miguel for going through the track. I wouldn't put excuses, I'm really bad after the initial burst of an idea. I somehow get stuck with a particular tune most of the times, and can't seem to get out of it. On the other hand, I often get enslaved by software habits and limitations. To top it up, I'm lazy !
I am really glad you've been so honest. I will definitely try to avoid these fatalities in future !
Thank again man ! Thanks !

Miguel Marquez said:
The piano was very good, but the strings ruined the whole thing. I am sorry but playing the same melody in octaves is not a very smart orchestration trick. Besides, the melody is predictable.

For a fan of disturbing ,dark music, this was dissapointing. The piano at the beginning was promising, but huge ammounts of reverb and screechy strings damaged the whole thing.

That is just my opinion...

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