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This song is me trying to write like McCartney ala "Golden Slumbers", "Warm and Beautiful", and a "Hello Goodbye" chord modulation at the end.. I couldn't seem to end it without that turn-around... so, sue me! All the while trying to channel my inner George Martin arranger. I guess my question is: Is it too obvious as a cheap wanna-be McCartney tune? And is it worth having a vocal? I should have been a "Rutle".

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Hey Rick, sounds quite nice. I hear all the influences you mentioned. You are hereby by an honorary Rutle. FYI, you can't call it "Cheese and Onions," that's been taken -


Thanks Gav, I've always "Idle-ized" Dirk McQuickly... hehehe.. nice to meet a fellow Rutles fan.

No you're not and no buts.

The latest version of Band in a Box will give a better result following the input of a few chords. 

I enjoyed this very much Rick--while the influences you mentioned are there, it becomes a piece on its own merits.

Nice job and thanks so much for sharing:)

Thanks Bob

Lovely, Rick...

Sounded like "Fool on the Hill" at the top.  Nice contrasts throughout.  very pleasant.


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