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I wrote this over the summer and revised and finally finished it this month. Here are the program notes for the piece:

Hurried and Off Balance
Fast, unpredictable, and a little off, Hurried and off Balance is an “edge of your seat” piece for both performers and audience. With asymmetrical meters that frequently changes and angular and often non-tonal melodic lines, finding a steady beat or a hummable melody is all but easy. Despite this, the piece keeps a level of fun and humor that can be easily understood; as if it was the soundtrack to the hurried and off balance moments in all our lives.

Mp3 can be found here

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Nice piece. I'm sure people will enjoy playing this. Not too much to say, just a few observations.

Of course the main rhythmic grouping is that of a beguine. Same as the Start Trek theme in fact (I know this as I have the sheet music). Albeit a beguine with a bit more primitivism. I would have perhaps put more dramatic and unusual string special effects to bring out this side to the music - eg Bartok Pizz.

Some people are going to say that this music bears more than a passing resemblance to the Simpsons' Theme by Danny Elfmann. Another great piece, similar rhythms, pace and tempo and the key change at 0:50 does just what the Simpsons' theme does. That's just a hunch.

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