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As I was working on my latest scores, making midi guides and spilling ideas, combining all kinds of instruments and parts together, correcting my bad timings with the quantize option I couldn't stop wondering how hard it was back then to do it. I mean if we'd give Bach or Mozart these tools and teach them how to use it, that would have sped up the whole process of their work like pushing the turbo button. No more structuring the ideas in your head and wasting hours in doodling them with a pencil on papers. Everything can be recorded, checked, combined and corrected.


I think these people could pass their own records. With their crazy and brilliant minds they could have reach even higher levels of complexity. Bringing to life all of their ideas without the backlog that was caused due to slow technicalities.


We have all these possibilities and yet it's rare to see something the come closer to their music. The flow, the complexity, the originality....


I guess it's like a person with certain dissability can develop some unique skill that a healthy person can only dream of.  Maybe we have too many colors in our palettes and waste too much time on picking which one to use

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