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You may notice that some pieces posted here get comments, some even provide for a lively discussion, and some get few comments or none at all. Here are some thoughts and tips about how you can get comments on your pieces. None of this guarantees you will get a comment, but it may help in at least some cases.

1) The number one thing you can do to get comments on your piece is to comment on other people’s pieces. If all you do is post your own works and never comment on anybody else’s, you’re not really participating in the site or helping anybody else get benefit from what you might have to say. By commenting on others’ works, you are showing you care, and may receive a response in kind on your works. It’s perfectly fine if the first thing you do after joining is to post one of your own pieces, but don’t let it stop there!

2) Reply to as many comments on your work as you can. If you receive a response, even if you disagree with it, say “thanks.”

3) When submitting your work, include a brief description of it. A post which says “Here’s my work, hope you like it,” is much less likely to get a response than one which gives a little information about the work.

4) Be nice in all your commentary. A critical response is ok, but a critical response which is argumentative or disparages someone else is of no benefit to anyone, and detracts from the overall professionalism of the site.

5) If you have a score, submit it with your work as a PDF, it makes it a lot easier for us to understand your intentions.

6) Realize that not everyone here is at the same level. There are all types of composers on this site, from young to old, new members to long standers, beginners to highly skilled, people with little equipment/software to people with professional grade studios. Try to get at what a piece is about rather than get hung up on notation problems or output quality. It’s fine to mention this, but just realize that the composer may not be seeking that type of input.

7) Did I mention comment on other people’s works? Ok, let me say it again.

Cheers -


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Can't help but agree with your point about drive-by posters. They soon identify themselves by their absence of comments on others' works. Also think (having been here almost a year now) that new members should accumulate a number of posts/comments before posting their works. But as you say, this is Gav's site; been running it for quite some time so he calls the tune (as it were)! 
Ingo Lee said:

It would be easy for me to say that we should require a donation for anyone who wishes to post on this forum and that we should also require a certain number of comments to be posted before someone is allowed to post a work.  But Gav's approach is more gentle and works better really so I support him in that.

That said, we have a group of "drive-by" posters who I guess feel that the road to success is to publish far and wide and let their careers blossom forth. I don't spend as much time here as I would like but it is annoying to make the effort to help someone who never replies or sometimes never even returns at all.

Since we have a lot of new members, reposting -

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