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Hi guys. It's been quite a while since I was in here. I have a problem I'd like to discuss with you. It's the problem of how on earth do you get your music performed? I've had my symphonic suite Joy performed by a very bad local orchestra (I still have nightmares about it) but other than that I've had no luck finding orchestras for my string quartets or symphonic music. How do you go about finding orchestras to play your music?

Here is an example of my latest music. The triumphant movement 5 from a symphony I have just finished composing.

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The trouble is that bad/local orchestras tend to be the ones most likely to accept new repertoire or spend time in rehearsals on it. They will be mainly volunteers with perhaps a couple of principles and conductor of higher repute and will probably not be trying to make a professional go of it, though they will still BE professional. The higher up the rungs you go the better the orchestra is and the more likely they are to be trying to self-support with concerts, and the less likely to accept untested new repertoire when they could play a well-known standard to get an audience into the local church.

Bear in mind you are asking several dozen people to put aside an hour when they might only get one or two rehearsals a month so I suggest making sure your scores are in absolutely unimpeachable shape. Parts too. Imagine you are being performed tomorrow and need everything ready to go with the highest standard available to you. It is also worth tailoring your search to orchestras that play your style. Your 5th movement is fairly in the Classical vein so an orchestra that plays Ennio Morricone might not be interested.

Have you got in touch with any though? A lot of orchestras have composers in residence and you might get lucky in finding one ready to adopt.

Or you could fund it yourself with a string quartet being far cheaper than an orchestra for obvious reasons!

Thanks Charles! Good advice all of it. The trick then is to find an orchestra that is good enough to make the music some kind of justice. As of funding a string quartet myself, that would be quite motivated to make a recording, but not to get a performance for the public, I think. 

I believe this person's intentions to be dishonest.

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