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Hi, fellow music lovers...


This is my first attempt at a pretty ballad.  How can I make it better?  Remember... you're judging the composition, not so much the playing.




Thank you all so much!

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Michael this seems like a good start, nice and simple as things go which is good. Maybe you should get it written down for someone else top play so that it flows a bit better?

Thank you, King2b...

I'm also thinking of posting the Finale playback version, instead of my own.  Although the Finale version is a bit

mechanical, it ultimately may represent the song better.

Thanks again!


Thank you, Bob. 


I do love playing around with Finale... possibilities are endless.



Doesn't it have a "Human Playback" function? does!!!!  Thanks, King2b.  I just checked it out, and turns out it has a human playback, which seems pretty awesome.

Thanks again.

King 2b said:

Doesn't it have a "Human Playback" function?

Next question, which version of Finale do you use?

Hey Michael,

First, thank you for commenting on my very first work. Composing takes a lot of time and I am happy you gave me a bit of feedback. It really helps to keep on moving with the project.

Then, I wanted to say that your Ballad sounds lovely. I do like the main melody. I don't feel experienced enough to give significant advice, but may be you could add/edit a bit of modulation (volume and tempo) with your left hand playing. It would sound smooth !

Looking forward to hearing from your work soon


King 2b said:

Next question, which version of Finale do you use?



Taking your advice.  I've begun reworking "Contentment" on Finale using various instruments.  Time-consuming, but a helluva lot of fun.  I'll keep you posted.


Thanks again for your interest and input. 
Bob Porter said:

Michael, as has been stated, a good start. Now, play with it and have some fun. In Finale, try some different instruments. Traditionally we compose on piano, but the neat thing about notation software is that you can start out with what ever you want. I have often started out with one set of instruments and ended up with something totally different.

So far so good.

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