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Hello All....

This is Sukhpal....

It is my humble request to all the music experts to guide me regarding mixing and mastering the music....I compose my own music, generally i complete my songs with 20 to 30 wav float audio tracks....Im using Nuendo 3....I want to know how to do mixing and mastering of my music so that i shud sound professional....Please guide me ....Thanks a lot in advance... :)


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Hey All,

Been a while maybe 4-5 years.. I needed to go do some studying and figuring out..So this is what I came up with :) That works for me today.. I do not send anything out unless I have someone with normal ears listen..maybe a pro or just one of my kids or someone other than me..

I am really starting to enjoy this composing stuff and have even been fortunate enough to recently do a couple of trailers for the bigger guys..heres the problem..My ears are shot. Cinematic drums and such after about 3-4 hrs distort in my ears.. I am going to pursue trailer work because I write like me and people if marketed correctly will maybe hire me for my style also.I am getting some decent feedback..The point is if I get $$$$$ for the trailer and I am positive you guys have done this.. Then why not hire an engineer or mastering guy if you want to do a little to get it right.

1..No cash

2 Do not know or trust anyone

3.Think you can do it yourself ? and does not think your time would be better composing music because thats what you love.?

OK so I need some advice?

Where can I purchase or not, video to put a reel together..Please dont tell me to go do a bunch of college gigs I'm too old :)

Also tweaking sounds,and putting together templates so your ready when the call comes in? What are the best practices?

I hope this is not to much for a re-entry.. I finally decided what I want to do when I grow up and I am just doing it.

Happy holiday

I look forwrd to some feedback


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