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Hi everyone this is a new theme I made for piano and orchestra, it is intended as a horror background music. Most of the orchestra was done with EWQL Symphonic Orchestra, and the piano was done with EZKeys. Also, I used some sound effects and noises to add to the atmosphere. Thanks for listening!

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It's more of a sound design piece instead of a work for piano and orchestra since there's no score, and I am just guessing that you would not have the faintest of ideas how to get those exact effects such as the slow dissonant glissandos from a real orchestra or the reverse cymbal at the end. You piece is successful in that it is exactly what you said it was, a horror piano theme, and I commend you for that and enjoyed the listen!


Wow--that scared me.  I kept expecting a zombie or something to pop up.  I think it is very well written, but I also think it might sound even better if you added underlying drum rolls which crescendoed and decrescendoed with the intensity.  

Rodney, you're right, I relied heavily on sound editing (and ambience sounds) for this piece, I don't think I would know how to do a horror score with only the orchestra but thank you for taking the time to listen and comment.

Mitchell, thank you for your kind words, now that you mention it, I agree with you, some drum rolls would have come in nice at the second half. Thanks for the advice, I will take it into consideration for future compositions!

As a piece of music, this sounds ok to me. As a background to a horror film, I wonder if it would overshadow any visuals onscreen. Good filmic music should undergird or otherwise enhance whatever is taking place on screen without intruding so much into the audience's ear that it becomes more important than the scene itself. Since it seems you have composed this in a general way, without any specific video in mind, the question is mostly academic. One example of a good minimalist score which I think is very effective with very few notes is "Eyes Wide Shut," which uses a very spare melody with lots of silences to build tension in a very effective way. Here's an example if you're interested (30 seconds is about all you have to listen to to get the idea):

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