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Hello fellow composers! I'm a Junior in highschool and an aspiring composer! A little while ago I finished writing various tracks for my highschool's production of "She Kills Monsters". The play ran with great reviews and of course, alot of people enjoyed my music... however i'm lacking some proper criticism. I would very much benefit from it if you all could take a listen and tell me what could be done better or what my strong suits are.

I was recently asked to write some music for a video game mod, Iliac Bay: Tower of Dawn... so it would be great diving into that with more knowledge :)

There are a few other tracks, but these are my most intricate. The descriptions hold a bit more info about each track.

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Very well done Daniel--I listened to all and enjoyed each and every one:)

And then reading you're a junior in high school made this music even MORE impressive!

Whatever got you to this point, I would simply keep doing it, as its working. And as you go on, always be willing to try to do things a little bit differently than how the "big boys" in your field are doing them..stay in the same ballpark as them but follow your inner voice when you hear it saying "what if I did this..or that" and its different from how its usually done..

if it works, then it goes into YOUR own personal bag of tricks..and this will help your original voice to come singing thru:)

GREAT job and thanks so much for sharing!

Thanks Bob

Thanks for your kind words Bob! I have a real passion for this art and I really want to learn as much as I can :)

And you answer your questions Ray, I use Logic to compose all of my music and I do have a relatively good DAW. In terms of real musicians I am sometimes able to record the string chamber orchestra at my school. They've recorded some of my works in the past, including a few for this play.

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