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Hi, my name is Kyle Benjamin Ross, and I'm new to the forums. I live in Pennsylvania and I'm currently in my early 20s. In terms of creating music, I am not a serious or competent composer by any means, but sometimes I'll think of a melody or something and try to put it into MuseScore. I'm also not very well versed in music theory, and therefore I don't really know what I'm doing. But, I throw some things together and things start to happen, and it sounds alright to me. I'm proud of what I've made, even if it's no Beethoven.

I'm currently attempting to finish up community college, majoring in Computer Networking Technology. I have not taken any college classes related to music as of yet.

However, in high school, I was in Concert Band, Wind Ensemble, and Marching Band. In Concert Band/Wind Ensemble, I was a percussionist, and in Marching Band I was in the pit. Because of this, I tend to favor using instruments such as marimba and vibraphone in my compositions, as opposed to wind or brass instruments that I really know nothing about.

My favorite composer is Aaron Copland. I also love listening to 80's and 90's music.

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Welcome Kyle,

We have some similar influences, I too am a fan of Copland and 80s music (the 90s began to lose me!). Hope you enjoy your time here with us and thanks for sharing a little about yourself!


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