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Hi everybody!

I'm Andy. I'm new to the Composer's Forum. I just joined today and am looking forward to many interesting conversations! A little about me . . . I'm primarily a writer, not a composer. I write science fiction and fantasy; I'm currently working on a novel, entitled "The Wizards of FantazmagoriCon." And I started getting into composing music because I wanted to write a soundtrack for that novel. Yeah I know -- a soundtrack for a novel is a weird idea, right? But, anyway.

Before I knew it, I was up to my ears in revisiting my music theory training from high school and college, and books on music composition ("Music Composition For Dummies" and "Songwriting For Dummies"). I started studying the works of my favorite classical composers -- Wagner and Verdi, to name two -- and my favorite modern composers: Danny Elfman and Jim Steinman. And then I started fiddling with melodies and chord progressions using Finale's "Simple Entry" palette. (I don't really play any instruments, and I can't sing worth a dang, so I have to do everything "one note at a time and in my head, one chord at a time . . . it's painstaking work, but well worth it once I get the main melody and progression figured out.)

So, anyhow, I've managed thus far to get ONE song finished -- or mostly finished. Here's the link to it on SoundCloud. Tell me what you think! I'm open to criticism. Please be honest, but go easy on me. This is the first thing I've ever composed -- and the first thing I've ever mixed and produced in Logic! :-) Oh yeah, almost forgot: That "operatic" voice you hear wailing along in the song? That's the computer doing its best to sing the lead vocal melody. The song has lyrics; the rough draft for them is posted on the SoundCloud page along with the track.

Fight On Forever (Where Dreams Never Die) - A Song By William A. Hainline

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Hi William,

Congratulations on your first piece and for being brave enough to post, I know that's tough for a beginning composer.

Regarding the music: you've got what I call a "Wall of Sound," wherever every second of the piece is jam-packed with sounds. That can work in a short piece, up to a point - only one mood is needed. But in a piece of more than 10 minutes duration, the ear can grow tired and start to yearn for some sort of variety, and this is what happened to me with your piece.

Just a thought, and thanks for posting!


I'm inclined to agree with Gav. - exciting and SF but unvarying in intensity so the excitement wears thin after a few minutes. I couldn't relate it to the lyrics (on Soundcloud).

If you intend is to adapt it in, say, smaller chunks it's great material. After all, you won't sound-track an entire novel in 11 minutes. If you're coming up with a suite of episodes from the book, you can vary things among the set pieces.. 

It's a great try with mixing and you've obviously picked up a lot from listening and experiment. My only suggestions are keep working on it - find a more placid episode in your novel; value moments of calm and/or quiet tension to showcase exciting chunks like this one.  



Thanks for the warm welcome and the feedback guys . . . I really appreciate it! I'm still working on it and will refine it further with future mixes. I am working on other songs, other pieces for the soundtrack too. This is only the first piece; the "overture" so to speak; when the vocals are added I think it will be a lot better — much more of what it should be. I was influenced a lot by 1980's music; the "big hair" music of that decade, and the symphonic metal now coming out of Europe. I've recently posted another mix on SoundCloud, if you want to check it out. This one is much, MUCH better. And I've refined the lyrics a bit, too. (The lyrics come in with the piano bit right after the big introductory bit at the beginning, after about the first minute or so.) 

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