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My name is Marcel and I just joined this forum to learn more about music.

I used to study music but had to make a break for economic reasons.

My main instrument is the guitar.

I compose a bit of music but always seem to have trouble finishing a piece. Probably for lack of experience. I am currently learning counterpoint and hope to understand it as good as I can and to learn how to use it in music.

I am excited to meet you guys and get to know some of your music and learn as much as I can.

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Hey there,

I grew up playing trumpet, but now my main instrument is guitar. Not classical, but steel string and electric. If you have written something for guitar think about recording it and posting it. No matter if you think it is too simple or not. It might give us an idea of what we can do for you. Or what you can do for us.

Hey Bob, if I may call you by your first name.

Nice to meet another fellow guitarist.

I have been playing guitar for about 11 years now. I started with electric guitar playing a lot of metal and rock. When I started studying I was playing Jazz and learned a lot about chords and scales. Unfortunately I am not able to write any Jazz since my experience with it is more on the playing side. My improvisation on Jazz is also very rusty by now. The last thing I did was classical guitar.

Currently I have a fractured hand so I can't play anything. Gotta use my left hand for everything now.

The 29th they will remove the white thing on my right arm. Unfortunately I don't know what it's called in English.

Once I get some time after that I will record something and share so you know what my capabilities are.

Cheers :)

PS: I hope it won't trouble you if I ever ask you about trumpet technique so I can learn about how to write for trumpets without getting slapped in the face for writing something impossible to play.

Hello there, Marcel and greetings.

I too am a recent new member and realise there's a lot to learn from this forum. Sorry to learn of your injury and hope you recover enough to play again soon. It must be so frustrating. However, every bit of your musical past will count as experience you can turn to in the end. You'll learn a lot about what instruments can do by looking at scores - it doesn't mean the players always find things easy to play but shows what can be done. I spotted your questions on the Phrygian Waltz thread that shows you've already made a start. 

Best wishes about your counterpoint studies.

See you in the forum, then!

Thanks for the warm welcome Dane.

I do hope to learn a lot in this forum and it motivates me a lot on how active it is and how much feedback is being given to everyone.

I hope that I will be able to compose something real soon to share for everyone. I can't wait to get some feedback on my own music.

Cheers :)

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