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My name is Jérôme Chassagnard, i'm a French Musician and composer living in Asia.

Most of my music is electronic, from ambient to experimental, modern classical to songs but my background is piano classical.

I'm member of the bands Ab ovo and The Prayer tree, and in 2012 i wrote the music for a documentary film, "The gatekeepers" , which was nominated for the 2013 Best Documentary Feature Oscars award.

So, if you are interested, i would be happy to answer your questions.

Have a nice day,


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Hi J.C.,

How about a link to a piece of your music (preferably something short), to start?


Hi Gav,

You can listen this one for example (not so short) :

or this one :

It's easy to listen, a little bit experimental but finally very neo classical in the spirit.

I recently made two e.p's on the theme of the elements using also concrete sounds of these elements (water and air / wind)
For more information see the discogs, I do not want to spam the forum.

Thanks for your kindness Gav :)

Hi Jérôme

These strike me as effectual for a background to a visual. If that is the full intent, then I think you've achieved your goal, and thanks for sharing -


In fact, sometimes i make videos on my own tracks, for me it's a way to completely finish what I did and what i had in mind.

Thank you Gav.


A new collaboration between a Belgian artist and i :

or on my youtube channel :

Have a nice day :)

The video have been selected by Vimeo Staff, very good news

Great news, Jérôme, congratulations!

Thank you Gav! 


New E.P available

Have a nice day,


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