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I joined recently and would like to say Hi to everybody.  The last ning network that I was on as a composer was  If anybody who was on there and is on here now, feel free to say hello.  I also aim to research if there is a ning or some type of social networking outlet for composers AND performers, new music presenters, etc... As I communicate with organizations who announce call for scores or competitions, I find that there is an imbalance of power, which can be disheartening to a composer like me.  I would love to have not just composers but new music advocates, performers, impressarios, ensembles, organizations etc. invited to join some type of forum so we can communicate and thus (hopefully) dissect, alter and shake up the culture of 21st century classical music.


I understand the place for a minimally commercial forum such as this one for creative artists only as well.  But, the thought of a ning for presenters, composers, performers and audience would also have its uses.  My two cents ;)




(Perhaps a category for "Introductions??")


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