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Greetings from Pennsylvania!

I have been writing music for quite some time now. It's odd but I never classified myself as a composer, just a guy who likes to make music. I'm a church worship leader. I play the piano and sing in that role.

Occasionally I bring one of my stringed instruments along. I am a third year fiddle player. I still take lessons on the fiddle every week. I play in Irish sessions.

My compositions have been called "celtic" and I call it that, but some would argue what "celtic" music really is. The Irish folk music is much faster with polkas, reels and jigs.I play that too.

I have collaborated with a few good composers and musicians over the last few years. Learning new instruments with practice plus a  health issue last year kind of set me back some in my compositions. I am trying my best to get back on the horse and get that happy go lucky feeling I once had. I am thankful to be able to continue in composition and in playing my instruments.

I have about 100 compositions going back a few years on soundcloud. I am also a bit of a technology geek and have amassed quite a collection of daws, plugins, sample libraries and such. Here's one of my playlists for anyone who might want to hear it-

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Hello Timothy,

Sounds Celtic to me! - plus a hint of something else I can’t quite identify. Perhaps you could pick one of the tunes you particularly are fond of and share a link to that one piece in a new post. A little explanation of the piece can also help draw in comments. From what I heard in the first and second pieces sounds pretty good. They both were quite professional-sounding and had a rich harmonic pallet, plus that melancholy quality that seems to pervade much folk music I have heard.

Best - 


 Thanks Gav, nice to meet you! I appreciate the comments. I will do that.

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