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I have been playing music since I was 15 without any formal training but writing more seriously for the past 10 years. I like to blend orchestral styles with more contemporary composition.

I use samples and other electronic VSTs and play everything in real time. I'm keen to continue to learn and improve and this seemed a good place to come for that.

So hello everyone.

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Hello Nigel.

I'm from England too - the south.

Yep, it's a fact there's always more to learn about music. I'm also convinced that all composers of worth are self-taught, amateurs or otherwise. You can't teach creativity, only guide it and show people the tools.  Which doesn't mean you can't learn from other composers. Yes, we get influenced but listening broadly enough and studying scores we gradually develop voices of our own......or so I hope. I'm never sure where I stand in this!

There's a terrific variety of styles and levels of development here so I wish you all the best among us.


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