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Hope things are doing well for everyone! 

I am just getting back into composing and recording music after many years. I've been creating pieces for piano for a while and practicing them for about 3 years or so. I feel like I have gotten them down enough to record them.  I am not a trained musician and have no knowledge of how to read music, how to score, how to use MIDI, how to make the piano sound super clean, etc...In short, I'm doing everything "by ear". I hope this doesn't exclude me from getting any critique, which is why I joined. I have been in bands, have had songs on the radio, have had some experience writing jingles for radio commercials and have been in many recording studios as producer of songs, commercials, etc. However, my technical music knowledge is very stunted, sad to say.

Most of my recording is analog and the purpose is to hopefully get my music out there for others to listen to. My end game is to get songs to the right people, but for now, I'm just enjoying getting them down for posterity.  I hope to add songs as soon as I can, today.

Thanks for reading this blathering post!  :-)

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