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Hello All,

I recently joined this group to get some critique & improve and share my experiences as a composer. I added a few tracks (in my playlist) from the sound track of an animated feature film (due in theaters in India, US, UK April 2018)  based on Indian Mythology.  Would love to hear your critique. The story is a hero's journey type of tale where a dark wizard who rules over the underworld captures a prince (and his brother) trying to rescue his wife. His friend goes on a quest to rescue them before the sun comes up the next day (by which time the villain intends to kill the princes as part of a ritual that will make him stronger).  There are two songs as well in the film which I wrote (have not added those yet, will do once mastered).  Excited to be part of the group!



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Hi Vn,
I went to your page and listened to your compositions. These show some real talent, I think. Very atmospheric and moody. They certainly come across as accompaniment to a visual. As an aside, you might get more responses if you post works inside the thread, rather than asking folks to go somewhere else to listen to them. Convenience is key, and many of us composers are working people with only a little time to catch up to everything posted.

Thanks for posting, and hope to hear more from you,

Thanks for listening and ur comments Gav! Yeah I had several tracks so I was not sure if its appropriate to add them inline. Will do so going forward.



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