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I've never had any formal music training.  Everything was self-taught other than a few years in HS band where I at least learned how to read music. 

I wrote in my profile that I always "dabbled" in music, despite music being by far my best talent.  I taught myself guitar and piano and wrote some decent stuff, but nothing earth-shattering.  I was always good enough naturally to get some nice comments, but I just didn't care to put the work into it.  

Back around January of this year, I started dating a girl and thought I'd impress her with a song.  I went through and laid down some notes and thought she would swoon over it.  Her (unexpected) response was: "Well, it's very pretty, but it's kind of boring."  It opened my eyes.  It WAS boring.  It had a nice melody and everything harmonized well, but it had no character.  

Well, that girl is out of my life now, but I'll be forever grateful to her.  She inspired something in me. She also made me realize that talent is wasted if you're not willing to put everything into it to see what you can do with it.  

So far, I've been using Notion 6 and only recently discovered DAWs and VST.  So I've been trying to "upgrade" my methods.  I still really enjoy writing the music through notation, though.  I think it lets me be more original than sitting down and hammering things out on a keyboard.  

I'm mostly into classical, but I want to try a little of everything.  

I haven't been doing this long enough to have any real goals yet, other than to create something that makes me happy and hopefully gives others the feels that I get from it.  I'm sure that will evolve as I get better.  

Anyway, thanks for reading and here's to new friends! 


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HI Douglas, welcome to Composers Forum. I look forward to hearing your music. Be sure and comment on other composers music here, that will encourage them to listen to yours.

Hi, Douglas and welcome from me.

Your situation sounds good. When under no commercial pressure an amateur composer (i.e. one who works for the love of it rather than money - NOT a beginner!) can take time to learn, to revise, experiment and so on. One great thing about music, like all creative arts I suppose is that there's always more to learn. Like you I'm eclectic, acting on whatever inspiration comes along.

I already listened to your work on the forum and a great start it is too.

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