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Hello everybody!)
My name is Alex and I have been composing music since I was 16 years old. Until the age of 25, I played in various rock and metal bands. After 25 years, I continued to study music on my own.
Today I am looking for like-minded and interesting people with whom we will work together and will be able to do joint musical projects.

My finished music can be found on the site

I will also be happy to take part in joint musical projects that will interest me)))


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Hi Alex,

This is a place for composers to share works, 1 at a time. Perhaps you could consider sharing one piece in a separate post. It's helpful if you give a little description of the work posted. It's also helpful if you have a score to share along with it. You'll get the most attention by posting in a thread (as opposed to the video section)

Best -


Thanks for the tips, Gav!

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