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Hi my name is Ronald Fontenot.  I'm new here, just thought I'd tell you a little about myself.  I started composing music by writing children's melodies, and now I strive to write music for video games and short animated films.  I use FL Studio and the Nexus 2 plugin to write my music.  I don't really play instruments sadly, I literally drag out all the notes in my songs.  I am inspired by New Age groups like Himekami and Shinji, and I also am inspired by video games like the Secret of Mana soundtrack and Chrono Trigger soundtrack from the Super Nintendo Video Game System.

Recently, I am also curious about writing more medieval and Renaissance music.  I think that would be great fun!  One of the songs I am really inspired by is called "The Bard's Forgotten Chant" by Emanuel Abrudean.  You can find that track here:

So I'd LOVE to write something like that.  I am here hopefully to learn from others and contribute whatever knowledge I have obtained to the conversations and discussions.  Glad to be here and hello everyone!

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Hi and welcome to the forum! Looking forward to hearing your music!

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