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I am excited to take this course. My only problem is that it seems to be not available yet. The website is asking people to pre-enroll. I am waiting and waiting for the opening of this course, then I heard that the course already opened in January 2017.

Should I simply pre-enroll so I can start taking the course?

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I have absolutely no idea, you will know more than me about how this course is set up, but speaking personally there are better composers to learn from. Orchestration would be more useful, since Zimmer - like any composer really - can't actually tell you how to write. As far as I know, orchestration isn't really Zimmer's thing anyway. You could probably pay less for an orchestration tutor who hasn't scored lots of films but does know how to get your ideas out of your head and into the world.

to be'd be better with:

There is something for everyone even for me, old enough to watch his father on evening tv.

Seriously, great little course on building templates suited me. ;

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