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Not sure if I have ever posted this piece here. This is for string quartet.

The following should be taken, of course, with a pinch of salt and with tongue in cheek...

The underlying narrative of this piece is - episodes in the life of an everyman, as he
progresses through life.

The episodes can be roughly seen as:-
(a) Starting out facing the thick fog of uncertainty
(b) Missing the bleeding obvious - a pratfall
(c) Disagreement
(d) Hectic, incessant, unwielding, intolerant life
(e) Uncertain, hesitant steps in love
(f) The false comfort of alcohol/drugs
(g) Pitching one's ideas against the flow / the norm, and rejection
(h) Confusion at being totally ignored
(i) Demoralised, continues journey
(j) Gone to the dogs
(k) Continues journey heading towards.......?

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tanz.tanz ??

roger stancill said:

Thanks David, I'm back   hahaha      this one had a 1930's feel to it.

I also enjoyed the acrobatic antics of tanz.tanz           RS

David Stowell said:

To stop you from dangling, how about a soothing piece for string orchestra....

roger stancill said:

David, I gave this a second listen and have no doubt it is masterfully done.

You are very good at your art. It shows.

Honestly tho', I'm afraid that if I listen to it a 3rd time, the next day you will

find me dangling at the end of a rope. So if hopeless despair was your aim,

then man, you've succeeded. The antithesis of the romantic.        RS     (romantic sap) 

ps- very creative in a lonely tragic way

oops, sorry David, it followed right after listening to your piece

and I thought it was your's.  It was by some guy named 'Recommended'  : - {

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