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Here is my new composition.  Thanks for listening.

Grace on Ice (By Minseo Park)

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Thank you very much for your suggestion!

Johan Halmén said:

One shouldn't need a score to understand (and further "accept" or something) a modulation or whatever thing happens in music. I found the modulation interesting. I know a lot of music theory and I could perhaps analyse it from the score, but I've found myself lately writing music that I don't even care to explain myself. It bothers me a bit, but not much, really.

However, your modulation kind of settled something, the style of the tonality, something that the rest of the composition didn't keep up to. It's a charming melody and some work on the DAW (making longer sustained chords and maybe adding natural sounding reverb) would make it very good.

Thank you very much for your comments!  Have a nice day!

René Torenstra said:

If I have the key correct it sounds like Emi, F#mi, then something like Gdim Eb7-> Ab.

The Gdim is somewhat ambiguous, as it is viidim in Ab, but the notes are also part of Eb7.

It sounds good to me (although I would sooner expect D/F# in stead of F#mi), but I expect the tension people feel comes from the note C against the Db of the accompaniment during Gdim. As I said, I hear no problem, but there are countless alternatives, like Gmi in stead of Gdim, as that would make the ivMD in the key.

Bob Porter said:

Without a score I can't help much at the 1:04 mark. However my instinct is that the progression is OK. It's the melody that is the problem

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