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You might need to turn the bass down. It sounds fine on my listening device but I have the bass eq turned down a bit.

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You've done it again! 

The arrangement is excellent but is easily supported by the harmonic structure - Subtly different from some of your other songs. You seem to be a master of production in your style. You gave the guitar entry about half way enough prominence to be heard without it taking over the ensemble. No problem with bass - I'm listening through my AKG headphones at the mo and their response is pretty flat. 

Very nice. I must find a way of chaining a few of these together so I can play them while relaxing...I'm sure Mr Spock would find that pretty logical. Beam me up! It's time for another coffee....

Thanks Dane. I figured out the piano and melody on my upright piano. Then I transferred the piano notes over to a virtual piano using Sonar. It needed some kind of intro and I just happened to be playing around with a patch on some virtual synth that reminded me of Star Trek and for no particular reason decided to tag the iconic phrase on at the beginning and end - don’t know if you noticed but the Star Trek intro and outro are in two different keys... I don’t know how that happened.. and it kinda bugs me. I gotta be honest, parts of it were quite difficult to arrange - especially as I don’t know what the hell I’m doing - so I really appreciate someone with high musical intelligence (that would be you) giving it a nod of approval.  :)

High musical intelligence??? You ARE joking! I'm not that much of a con merchant surely? It must be those shorts!  Mind, I do have my copy of Bluff Your Way in Music always to hand.

Are you referring to different keys in your piece (as opposed to the Star Trek theme)? Because the key you break into at 0'07" is the same as the cadence at 3'19" or thereabouts, then you fade out as if preparing to go into the subdominant but just hold on to that last chord. Like - just guessing but the piece sounds like it's in F# major but after the last main chord it tails off as if heading for B major or minor...or something. But it still seems basically to end in the starting key.

See... that’s what I’m talking about, because I have no idea what you just said. Cadence? Subdomi... what?

Subdominant is when the dominant one is underneath?

I'm sure you know what I meant anyway :D

You said: “I'm sure you know what I meant anyway”.

No, I’m seriously that stupid about music theory. No joke. I can name chords but I’m not joking when I tell you I have no idea what key the last two pieces I posted are in. I’d probably remember if either of them were in a regular key like the major or minor of C, G, A, D, E, or F (B is awkward for me both on piano and guitar). So I’m guessing they were written in a sharp or flat key. My visual pattern recognition goes to sleep when in sharp or flat keys.

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