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I just wanted to share a free Organ VST I came across recently. It's sampled using the Leeds (UK) Town Hall Organ. It's available here.

I've found that it works best in Kontakt, but it also works in Sforzando and a few other players. 

I hope this helps someone as much as it has helped me! 


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I'm unlikely to go for it because I haven't got kontakt and hardly any room for another player.

What I can tell you is the audio demo does this wonderful instrument no justice at all! I've heard it some while ago while it was still 3 manual. But it has more than 80 stops, some quite interesting mutations and a good selection of reed stops (not demo'd). I don't know how you make up registrations on kontakt, assuming you get samples of each stop but it should be fun playing around with it.

I understand it's being restored to 4 manuals. It should be quite something.


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