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Hello Everyone,

Is anyone using the Garritan Abbey Road Studios CFX Concert Grand program?

If so, how are you using it and what's it like?

Garritan Abbey Road Studios CFX Concert Grand program



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I've heard three virtual pianos refered to as "the best:" Steinway Studio D, Ravenscroft, and Garritan CFX. You cannot go wrong with any of those three concerning sound and playability.

Hi Rodney,

So it's a simply piano program that you use through a midi controller? Is there anything unique it can do? I assume I can up load a midi file and it will play it?

Does it have a save function, and can it save into a variety of formats?

It does seem expensive to me. It's around $280.00 Aussie dollars. I use Staffapd as my notation software it was only $80.00.

I wish you could sample these things.

Thanks for your help Rodney.

When you start getting into the big boy toys you need big boy software like a DAW, I use Cubase, that can help reach the sample libraries their true potential. It is a piano library that is meant to sound professional and rendered by DAWS. It is a waste of money if all you are going to use it for is in notation software. Is their anything unique it can do? Yes, it can make your music sound awesome and live, but in a DAW where you can have complete control of the sound.

Thanks again Rodney.

I have been looking at a few DAW's, this one looks interesting. Mixcraft Pro Studio 7

Back in the 80's I began using Notator from C-Lab, with my much missed Atari. I've not really looked at a DAW until now, and looks like the benefits are too overwhelming to not get one.

Have you used Mixcraft? It's looks like an easy to learn program.

I've never heard of Mixcraft. Most people for midi go for either Cubase or Digital Performer, or for live recordings, Pro Tools.

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