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Here is a piece I've been working on for a while and have finally recorded it. Please note that I am short of a lot of knowledge about music, so please be very elementary when telling me things (if any) about what to improve or do. I create and play totally by ear, so I'm not even sure what key this is in. Sorry about that!  I hope to hear constructive critique about the music, not my learning curve or lack of knowledge or need of instruction. 

I'm open to hearing what others thing and if this seems like a solid piece.

Thanks for listening! :-)

Garden Seduction on SoundCloud

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Hi Keith,  The piece does seem very solid to me.  The first 40 seconds is awesome.  The theme is delicious.    Some of the chords seemed a bit of a mix of styles- sometimes it sounds impressionistic, sometimes more polymodal or poly tonal ( I think I hear some Lydian in there). Some people like mixing styles, its probably just me.   The only thing that I am hearing aside from a chord mix was that most of it is in the same general register- outside a couple of flourishes. I would like to hear more space- perhaps moving some portions or phrases to a higher register, maybe some more left hand notes to a lower register- but that's just me.

Well done, sir!

Wow, thanks, Marc!  Appreciate that very much, even the parts I don't understand and will now have to go and look up on Wikipedia. :-)   I'm a songwriter in disguise, so it does not surprise me that it's all in the same register as I tend to put pieces together like "songs" rather than symphonic compositions which tend to make use of a much farther reaching tonality. I've had one friend complain that there's too much lag and doesn't like it slowing down here and there and now you are asking for more space... LOL... So, it's kind of funny how the same piece can strike people differently.  I do appreciate all of your words.  Thank you!

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