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Here is a piece I've been working on for a while and have finally recorded it. Please note that I am short of a lot of knowledge about music, so please be very elementary when telling me things (if any) about what to improve or do. I create and play totally by ear, so I'm not even sure what key this is in. Sorry about that!  I hope to hear constructive critique about the music, not my learning curve or lack of knowledge or need of instruction. 

I'm open to hearing what others thing and if this seems like a solid piece.

Thanks for listening! :-)

Garden Seduction on SoundCloud

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It sounded genuine and authentic to me. The crisp static in the background provided me with comfort, as if listening in from a somewhat distant room while this was played near by . . .

I think playing on a digital setup would kill it somewhat. You had your own style to the piece, and the other (I had a listen)

Don't worry about having music knowledge. I think you're of the type who would only bring harm to themselves by trying to learn by coming to a base of theory nuts. Who cares. Do what sounds good (which is what you're already doing) Don't kill your natural touch and style by trying to understand what you're doing. Just do it- it sounds amazing. 

Thanks, EE for your nice compliments.  I'm not worried about the music knowledge, but I prefaced with that knowing this site has a lot of very technically proficient composers who might start to want to "teach".  :-)  I am very comfortable with where I am in my music (other than my playing ability) and feel like raw creative ability should not be tampered with. I've seen a lot of great musicians in my time who could play anything and knew all about scoring - but could not write anything original. I'm also sure there is a blend of both sides in many.

Agreed, I don't think there would be anything gained in making this MIDI and having all of the character removed.  I am hoping to get more critique on my other piece, I'm adding some bass and layering in some other parts soon on that one. Thanks again.

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