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Thanks for sharing this Oliver.

I am beginning to think that maybe my medium quality headphones are mid range heavy since I just listened to another mix that I thought had excessive mids. I will withhold any more comments on the mix until I determine if the problem is my headphones.

It does sound mid heavy to me on my listening setup though. Maybe others could comment on that. What I'm hearing is almost no bass and too much punch in the mid ranges. It is distracting me from really concentrating on the composition itself.

I normally don't offer comment on entirely digital music (non-orchestral) as it's far from my area of expertise, however I feel able to comment on a couple of moments here.

To add my reassurance to Tim (above), I've just listened to this on both headphones and speakers. The mid ranges are just a hint over compensated. I love the driving bass presence but it needs pushed to the front a little more. It certainly works better on studio speakers. (another example of the listening medium being suitable for different things).

I love the pace change at 01:40 but suddenly felt the energy dip at the 03:40 mark, far too early for comfort. Personally, I would have been hoping for an increase in pace and more dynamic for a big reverberating finale.

Nice work. Hope it finds a home.

I feel the need to go home and dig out an old Jean-Michel Jarre album now!!

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