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My electronic acoustic futuristic avant garde hybrid form of a Fugue. 

Don't be quick to judge- there's somewhat something left of the classic fugue structure and certainly rhythmic and melodic motifs, you just need  to have a keen ear. Don't look at the notes but the story they tell. It's actually sort of a fugue meets Rondo form. 

Dave, here's one to you for a little less mainstream and something even more weird I've done. Thought I'd upload and share.

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I like electronic music that is not dully repetitive or whacking damn rhythm. FoF is excellent. It hold together the overall intent, with rhythm supporting instead of driving the music. Thanks.

I didn't really discern any fugue structure to this piece. I guess my ear isn't as keen as I thought, after all. :-D   It's not very avant garde, either.  Sure, it's electronica or whatever, but it's pretty "traditional" as far as electronic music goes.  I thought it would serve as an excellent soundtrack, though.  I did find it relaxing to listen to, so it's pretty good as far as music goes.  But I had a hard time justifying the title "fugue".  Maybe I'm just looking for the wrong things. :-P

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