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I've recently started studying orchestration seriously. This just a fun little practice thing. It's not perfect, but I guess it's not supposed to be. Enjoy.


2 flutes

2 oboes

2 Bb clarinets

2 bassoons








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Damn, this is cheeky. It has that 50s/60s British vibe to it and you hit that feeling perfectly imo, especially in the woodwinds. The bowed strings sound cheap by comparison though. Could be the soundtrack to someone chucklingly explaining, in that 50s way, why women really do belong in the kitchen. ("Careful, Mildred - you're not going to cook your husband's meal by going off to university!")

I agree with Dave, I earnt money from this sort of pastiche Joel and yours would not be out of place on a tv ad say. A great little ditty, well scored with echoes of Mancini and all the better for it. It'd be nice if you could post a score as some of us might be able to help you with any technical matters.

"Darling, will you fetch my slippers...."

Very nice!  Quite captures the feel of that era, certainly.

And yes, a score would also be nice.

Really charming. I liked this a lot..(wish it was a bit  longer)..

Hi Joel, I loved the playful innocence of this piece.

Regardless of the length, you packaged it very well.

I think your choice of instruments and the mix was excellent.

Well conceived and well executed. I hope you continue along

this line. Intellect, imagination and instrumentation created an

interesting piece.  Thanks for sharing it.      RS

ps- which software are you using

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