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Hello fellow composers! I hope you enjoy listening to my composition. Being one of my first works I would like some feedback on its musicality, is it boring or does it keep your attention, do I develop the theme enough or should I make it longer? About the finale, being a drinking theme I wanted to end it in an ironic and glorious way, I hope you enjoy it! If you need the score I can post it later!

Have a good day, thank you in advance for your comments!

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I think this is quite a good composition.

If you wanted you could develop the theme more, but I don't see any very important reason why you should. I think the middle part is solid, and the ending is interesting.

You lost my attention towards the end a bit, but as the ending approached it found itself again.

Overall a quite enjoyable piece!

I like this. You obviously have a good sense of timing. The end is nice, but I would have preferred you to stay in character :-)

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