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Helo dear members

Here's a little piece for string quartet about these difficult times when you have to man up.

opening bars are borrowed from John Mac Laughling

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Hi Christophe,

I admit this tune was a challenge for me. I didn't hear anything in it which particularly grabbed my attention. On the plus side, your orchestration is well done, and I liked the contrasts between the moments containing sound and the quiet places. Lack of contrast in composition is a big pet peeve of mine, but here you have done it well - thanks for sharing!


I'm similar in opinion to Gav. I liked the nice clear duets with clear articulations. It didn't seem to be leading me anywhere. Maybe that was not the intent.

Thanks for sharing!

Hi all,

I agree this isn't my best piece by far. I will abstain from further posting music wich cannot defend istself.



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