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Figured this would be interesting– I reorchestrated Forlane from Ravel's Tombeau de Couperin for an orchestration class.  Had a lot of fun with this.

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This makes me want to get back to the piano.  Yours may be the first orchestration with brass.  I think you found the right instruments.  This is probably the slowest tempo I have heard.  It should be a light dance, not a dirge.  What was Ravel's comment about his Pavane  for a Dead Princess being played too slow?  Something like, the princess was supposed to be dead not the pavane.  Anyway, for me Ravel strikes the rightt balance between dissonance and harmony, and this piece is a perfect example.

Thanks for your thoughts– I think Ravel also used brass in his own orchestration, although not as prominently. The instrumentation I used was simply what was given to me as the instrumentation of the school orchestra, although it was my decision to use the brass as I did.
As for the tempo, I did write the same tempo in my score as Ravel did. However, the recording is from a reading, and thus the orchestra would not have been able to play the piece at tempo, at least not without some rehearsal.

It is interesting, I'm having trouble hearing it, would you consider doing a midi version?  At some point a quality audio library version can be better than a live recording, live recordings face a host of problems with clarity etc.  Many of us don't have access to live recording anyway.

Is there anything specific you are having trouble hearing? If it's a volume issue, I made it available for download– you could download it and play with the volume. In terms of a midi version, I could upload a .mid file, although there would be a lot of playing techniques missing from it. I remember that the Sibelius playback didn't play back the harmonics or glissandi correctly, as well as some other issues. Unfortunately, I don't have any better sound libraries than the Sibelius libraries, which aren't very good. Usually I write with the aim of having pieces performed, which is why I don't have anything better.

I listened again with headphones and I was able to hear the parts correctly I believe. I enjoyed the contrast between your version and Ravel's, the lighter and quicker sound of the woodwinds is more appealing you would probably agree, but it is an interesting exercise so thank you for posting.

Going from a live rendition to a midi version of a traditional piece is problematic as you say, not much point in doing that I suppose, and yet people do, with varying degrees of success. The issue of DAW vs score composition has been debated at length recently on this forum as you may have noticed.

Thanks Ingo!  For this piece, the main problem with going to a midi version is simply that Sibelius midi doesn't put in all the effects that I've notated, as I've notated.  For instance, it doesn't do glissandos convincingly, or artificial harmonics properly.  The balance is off too, and I used specific ranges that work in certain ways in instruments, that wouldn't necessarily be conveyed properly in midi.  Plus I don't have the libraries and software to work things out properly so that the computer rendering would actually sound good

I don't have an issue with people DAWs, but for me, I don't have the software and sound libraries needed.  Plus, this would mean investing a lot of time and money in creating a computer recording for something that was going to be played live anyway.  

Glad you enjoyed the orchestration though!  

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