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Hi people,

Here's a song I wrote about an ancient forest that begs to be remember. This isn't a symphonic piece, but more of a metal/ambient song with vocals from a good friend of mine. I hope you enjoy.

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Hi Kevin, I listened to the first 3 minutes or so and found it to be ok. I spot-listened after that point - It does remind me of other things I have heard before and as such, I didn’t continue on with it. This may be just a matter of personal taste - I like to hear something unique or different to listen further -

Thanks for posting! Best -


Thanks Gav for taking the time to listen.

As far for similarity, I guess not experimenting away from the tonal center does get kind of repetitive. Although, that was what I was aiming since I do struggle with transitions so I wanted to see if I remained on the tonal center I could transition cleanly.

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