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Written on Piano using E/W Solo Violin as the audio Source. Single Recording No Edits.
A score can be provided but it will be, "all over the place" to say the least.
As most of my work in my current series, it is hard to describe the purpose of it's creation. For that forms as the music is played. The feeling I get while playing, entices me to continue on the path I lay. This piece is designed as a Violin Quartet + 1 Violin Soloist. Played simultaneously using piano.

As the piece begins, you are introduced to the world in which these Entities live. A circular dance that intertwines with the realities of those around it. A jovial force with a somber timber that sings as we realize it's purpose. Finding that, we enter another reality, of which we ourselves realize that our misconceptions of our own reality, feed into that functions of this one. We must change ourselves or risk losing this new found hope, once lost, now merely at our finger tips. Accepting what this new reality is, rather than trying to align it with what we see in our own, is the only means of surviving its force, lest we risk rejection and a retention to our own fealty.  

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