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Hi Brock,

Yep, there's a spark there alright. A question for you, are you studying music composition? If so, how far do you think you should go with it, or put another way, do you think study would rob you of a unique style or would it enhance your abilities? 

I ask as I am interested in how you feel about learning as opposed to just focusing on your raw talent and developing that in an untrammelled way. Personally, I think a composer can develop either way and sometimes if they are lucky, both ways.

Anyway, your track has a lot of good in it and I think it is also media friendly in an arty sort of way.

I haven't studied in a professional sense. Having been involved in Orchestra and Musical Theater in public High-school and Middle-school is the extent of my organized study. I also took Music Theory in my senior year in Highschool. I would say personally more of my music developed through playing than its study. Which is why I didn't pursue Composition. 
That and a lack of confidence in the music I had been creating not having so standard feel. Over the years with friendly encouragement I have gotten back into what I love, having written a good bulk of my more structured work like this piece, back in Highschool. and now with more finances am able to get the Soundfonts to achieve the quality I needed at the minimum to show people some of these works.

It's a lonely and risky road Brock, especially when you are walking down a path made by the music only you can hear in your head. Your music is not really to my taste, but that doesn't mean to say I can't hear a voice in it (mind you, there is an earworm in there that I have to get rid of now :-).

The choice is ultimately yours as to whether or not you conform but some of the greatest moments in music have come from mavericks I feel.

Such as?

I mean, Vivaldi is to me a bit of a maverick but only as a priest, not as a musician, and M. Marin (if you've seen the film "tout le matins du monde") when he compared his music to that of his teacher he called himself an impostor. Is Marin a maverick in actual musical terms, or just another Vivaldi?

How about Xenakis, turned down as a pupil by N. Boulanger but encouraged by Messiaen?

I wonder sometimes if Xenakis was ever a musician, but then how the hell was he not, if I like his music?


Sorry Brock, I didn't mean to digress as much. I've heard your piece and I enjoyed certain moments, but I found it also very repetitive/monothematic for a long time and remaining in one tonality for 7 minutes is too long for me, but it definitely shows promise. As Mike said, it is a very lonely road, but good luck with it and thanks for sharing.

Mike Hewer said:

The choice is ultimately yours as to whether or not you conform but some of the greatest moments in music have come from mavericks I feel.

You've mentioned 3 mavericks (Vivaldi, Xenakis and Messiaen) how about adding Tippett, Crumb, Holst, Gesualdo , Stockhausen etc.
I suppose an alternative adjective to maverick might be genius.
Brock, I agree with Socrates and a modulation away and then back might perhaps sustain interest. Still, it is your piece not mine, there is no sense in trying to please others if you are happy with it!

Hi Brock, sorry to say it but I found ths to be rather boring. Whatever 'mood' you may

have been trying to capture, it did not 'compute' with me.

I would title this 'The Dismal Soul'.  Keep writing and growing.    RS

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