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For iPhone / iPad owners, do you know the Newzik sheet music reader app?


For the past fiew months, I've been using a sheet music reader app that many of my friends (musicians amateurs and pros) and I find very useful. It is called Newzik and in case some of you might be interested I would like to share what I know about it with you :-)

The app itself has a lot of features and you may have a completely different use of it as my habits, but still here is my feedback on it.

This free app allows you to import your content (pdf, musicXML, mp3, mp4, all audio and video files basically, and text files), organize it and synchronize it. What i find really useful for me as a guitar player trying to improve my skills is that you can have your musicXML score and synchronize it with a YouTube video to match exactly with the performance. It helps me emphasize the subtle modulations, silences and other things the players does to add some emotion to his playing.

Some friends of mine do use it also in rehearsals: you can synchronize several iPads to display sheet music and mutualize the page turn. One musician, or the conductor can flip pages for the whole orchestra, by hand or with a foot pedal. The cool thing about it is that the app respects the versions of the score of each musician. So the conductor will have the full score but the violonist will only have his score displayed. I don't personnally use that feature though. 

Anyway, i wanted to share this nice discovery with you. Tell me what you think of it if you try it :-)

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I loaded newzik but decided not to go further when it asked me to register.

I did buy forscore which does seem to have the same capability but not free.

I have also bought cadenza which is designed to accompany you as you play. Not quite the same use as the other two. You can't import your own accompaniment at present.

Actually I did try ForScore before switching to Newzik, and the latter has more features in terms of XML reading, transposing, more formats supported and a band mode for reheasals and lives :-) I don't know about Cadenza though.

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