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I wrote three pieces for violin and flute in the style of contemporary classical.
When I write in this combination, the sound was easy to become a pastoral really.
I don't think that "2" and "3" are so good, but I think "1" is good.
I wrote taking care that playing is not too difficult. How about?
In concert, duet of such a combination will not be picked up?

performance by the computer:

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Thank you for the advice.
Instruments of these two, I wanted to try a sound colliding in the upper register.
I'm going to write other duet of some,and try in various ways.

Dustin Naegel said:

A moving composition, but maybe you should reconsider the instrumentation: because of the very similar ranges of both instruments and many sustained notes on a high pitch level it really takes some time for the listener to get used to it. But apart from that, good work. 

Thank you for the comment.

I can not even play instruments either. Computer has been playing this.

Dustin Naegel said:

Just experiment with the orchestration. By the way, did you play the two instruments by yourself? If so, very well done! :-)

I have no problem with the scoring here: the lines do not seem cluttered at all to me. Nor did I have problems with sustained notes "at a high pitch." As far as choice of instruments is concerned: One might consider violin and clarinet, instead of violin and and flute, but with both instruments still playing in the same ranges, or as close as possible. On the whole, I greatly enjoyed the first one (of the three pieces), and the beginning of the second (I didn't listen much further than that). I wanted to listen to the first one several times, and even a few more times before I say anything else.

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