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Hi all, 

Here's the track I just submitted to the "Bleeding Fingers Contest" (using only the Woodwind stem if you can still hear it !!), which means that Hans Zimmer & Co now have 2607 two minute tracks to listen to ! Hang on, no, make that 2608 ... Sorry ... 2609 ... and rising ! That's over 14 hours of music per judge to get through, and it will probably be nearer to 20 hours by the closing date on 19/02 ... 

Hmmm ... Something tells me that's not exactly how it's going to work Smile 

Oh well, hope you find time to listen and comment ! 


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very nice! i like all the percussion. I'm assuming it's real, it sounds like it.

I love it :)

The voice that comes in at the 1:05 mark is great!

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