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Hello hello, I am glad to be part of your community !

I am just an amateur with a passion for music and I would like to present you my first piece of work. It is in progress, there is no intro, no ending, no big development but the main ideas are here.

Thanks for commenting as it is the first time I publish something.

      --->  Shepton Walk   <---

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Hi there!

This piece was very nice, even pleasant! I really enjoyed the harp writing and the key choice, and the strings are just delicious!

By the way, welcome to the forum! :D


Hi, Zitoon...

Glad to come across a fellow amateur with a passion for music!

Shepton Walk was lovely.  I like the tempo change at the end.  It sounded pretty complete to me. It did end abruptly, although that may have just been the recording.  

I look forward to hearing more.

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