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So I'm going to be writing 11-12 8 bit/chiptune style tunes for an iPhone game. The developer is basically freelance and has a freelance team, they've made games before but are in no way a big company.


I tried to get him to give me his budget but he said since they are using crowd funding that he is open to a quote from me.


what am I looking at here? $200? $500? $1000?


I figure a flat fee is the best way to do it since I don't know how the game will sell.

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Interesting discussion! I also see a sad development in my country (the Netherlands) where more and more composers 'sign out' of PRO's to be able to sell music for a onetime fee. This leaves starting composers like me who -are- a member of PRO in a difficult position.

Do you recognize this?

Don't know what PRO is. The person who contacted me about music was from the Netherlands :-)... perhaps that is why they found other music?
Performing Rights Organization (in the Netherlands it is called Buma/ Stemra). Oh ok, well you know what they tell 'going Dutch' haha
Well it really depends, sometimes you can bypass the PRO and simply ask for a portion of total revenue. Its less bookkeeping for everyoneone and can be negotiated to be the same amount of money or more
Yes I would definitely go for that in some cases Peter but the problem is that if you are a member of a PRO, you MUST register all your work and therefore cannot make deals like that. That's what I'm told..

Thanks Chris for your explanation. You confirm what I already thought - you can't bypass them unless you give up all your rights but that's not something I would normally intend to do. I agree, serious money needs to be paid for something like that. I'm familiar with the 'work for hire' term. There's an awful lot written about it and as far as I know companies sometimes tend to include this term in contracts not knowing what it means exactly... or hoping to sneak in rights.

Great explanation... you're absolutely right. Selling a track is selling future income and I think many of us don't realize that enough.
Great discussion!  Valuable information and I like your perspective, Chris.  Thank you.

Chris, I SO appreciate your posts. I'd love directions to links re: all the different streams of income that can be made from music composition. My field of music expertise is VERY niche focused: acoustic, wordless singing, ancient percussion. It's also medically proven three times to have a therapeutic affect (including - increased focus)....Itt combines an Eastern and Western approach. This music is VERY worthwhile to the RIGHT client.  Biblical themes, ancient themes, spiritually themed, nature, and health themes,  

I am looking to learn what types of clients would be interested in this?  Where should I be hanging out (on the internet - since I live in the Middle East). I will tour in US in September - October, and visit my family in LA (where I was born and raised). I'd love to use my time in LA to meet with people. Now is the time to do some homework.

Would LOVE any leads. Would LOVE to meet up with any of you interested folks while in the US. 

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