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This is the opening track from my latest album, Music for tired Preachers. It’s a suite that has the string quartet and the English horn as a thematic thread. Sometimes together and sometimes with an orchestra.

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Hello Lennart,

it cloaks itself in a nice, may I say, "baroque", atmosphere. The tension is never lost. Seeing the score would definitely be interesting.

Kind regards,


Hi Lennart

It is a pleasant enough piece as it stands, but I think the horn is hiding too much in the background. To my mind it should have a stronger melodic presence than it currently has and should "boss" the strings a bit more.

Thanks, Colin.

Thanks Jan-Fredrik and Colin! This is the first piece I’ve written for English horn so I guess I did hold back a little and made all the instruments equal players.

Very soothing. A somewhat unusual showcasing of the English Horn, which typically is presented in more somber modes, but I think it succeeds.

Re: Colin's remark, it may be difficult to judge this in a midi realization. The EH is such a penetrating instrument, and it may be that Lennart has got it right. But again, these are some of the things that a live performance could shed more light on. 

It is also to some extent my personal style to treat every part as equally important. That can be found in all of my music.
And thank you michael for you comments!

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