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Contestants were asked to create a piece around the theme of Fireworks. 11 members signed up and the contest begins NOW! Deadline to vote is July 31st at 5 pm EST. Thanks to all who signed up and good luck! Members may vote here:

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There's no PDF ...
I've sent you message, Stephen.

Does anyone want to revisit this idea? You will see that in the original post about seven of us showed interest in composing something in the style of a fugue.

I'm still in, Stephen.

I would participate if somebody would run it. Don't have enough time on my hands to do this myself.

I love the idea but it's not realistic to me due to lack of time.  I've been trying (without success) to write down the Bach variations that've been in my head, for that 'Group Initiative' which has an approaching deadline... 

But, I would still love to hear other people's fugues if the contest goes forth.

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