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Hello all,

It's great to have found a forum devoted to composers. I've read quite a few interesting threads on here, but I wanted to ask a question myself. I thought I should provide a bit of background, so please bare with me for the next paragraph!

Last year, I graduated with a BA (1st Class Hons) degree in Music Production from London College of Music. During my final project, I was writing and producing tracks for production music libraries, and pitching them to companies. Whilst the tracks from my project weren't used, I eventually managed to find a music library who was interested in my abilities to produce works for their upcoming briefs. Almost a year later, I have a few tracks in this music library, and I continue to produce works for them. However, I don't have an awful lot else to show for this past year, certainly nothing concrete in terms of work. 

As well as building my portfolio of tracks online, I am trying to contact companies remotely, turn up to networking events where I can, and applying for jobs of any sort in the music industry. To the experienced composers out there: what else could be done in order try and secure some work as a media composer? By this I mean advertising, games, short films, corporate etc.

Any advice or anecdotes would be highly appreciated! 

Talk soon,


P.S. Check out my website below if you'd like to hear my work to date.

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Indeed, John Powell said he "didn't make any money" until he was 30 and had to "find a woman with a car and apartment". I suppose that's one avenue I haven't explored yet...

Were you born into money or did you marry someone who had a lot of it? 

Ray K Bigglesworth said:

I’ve been quietly following the mail here and notice an omission in the list of ways towards being a full time pro composer.

Missing, is the most basic ‘foot on the ladder’ option. Either, be born into money or marry someone who has a lot of it.

Some may scoff by thinking this is a tongue in cheek aside but believe me, it works for many. By the way, I do not necessarily mean folks are getting work they shouldn’t, I’m just living in and observing the real big bad world.

Hi Charles,

As I wouldn't want to bore everyone with my limited supply of anecdotes, I will send you a PM. Would be good to hear about your experience too thus far!

Charles Burns said:

Hi James - just seeing this thread for the first time.   How has the past year and a half or so fared for you?  Any thoughts on what worked to further your career and what didn't really pan out?  The website looks great, and it looks like you've gotten some pretty decent work, so CONGRATULATIONS on that!

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